This is the planning page for the upcoming Tokamak 5 developer sprint.


Dates and location

Date: 25th April - 30th Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands, at sebas' Address: Sebastian Kügler Meloenstraat 19 6543ZE Nijmegen The Netherlands Phone: +31 6 48370928

I've created a Google Map with some points of interest for the meeting:


Getting There

Train Station: Nijmegen Centraal Closest Airports:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS), 1.5 hours, direct train
  • Eindhoven (EIN), <1.5 hrs by bus, train
  • Weeze / Niederrhein (NRN), shuttle to Nijmegen

Train schedules: (target station Nijmegen Centraal)

Flying in via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

Fares from AMS to Nijmegen Central Station are 17.50€. In the luggage hall in AMS, you'll find yellow blue ticket vending machines that (sometimes) work with most credit cards, so you can buy your train ticket while waiting for your luggage. Direct Trains go every 30 minutes (at .29 and .59), trains with one change in between, at .14 and .44). Indirect train means changing in Utrecht, and the journey taking ~10 minutes longer. End station in both cases is "Nijmegen Centraal" (main station), the trip from Schiphol to Nijmegen takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

If you're travelling via NRN or EIN, let sebas know and he'll have a look at last-mile transport for you.

Train to Nijmegen and Getting to sebas

You arrive at Nijmegen Central Station. Please add your arrival time to the this page. On arrival, you can take a taxi to sebas' house, at "Meloenstraat 17", the driver should know that. Fare is around 10€s, takes about 10 minutes.


Some people can sleep at my house, for others, we rent a bunch of rooms in a nearby bed and breakfast.


Meeting location is sebas' living room, if the weather is good enough, there's a small garden.

Social Event

On Saturday, it's Queen's day in the Netherlands, and the night before Queen's night, plenty of opportunity to celebrate.


... is essential, and at Tokamak a social happening. It's important that everybody brings a nice recipe and takes their turn to cook for the fellow hackers. There's a supermarket at 3 minutes by bike. Sebas takes care of chocolate supplies. There's also plenty of options to order in food, good vegetarian food is available everywhere.


The Netherlands is not a cheap country, for a drink in a bar, count 2.50€, an order in pizza costs 6€-8€, a meal in a restaurant 20€. We'll be able to keep costs manageable by cooking ourselves.

Getting around

It's the Netherlands, that means you'll need a bike to get around, between downtown / bed and breakfast and meeting location, and generally to keep fit and oxygenized. Good bikes can be rented at Nijmegen's train station from early until late. Downtown - Meloenstraat takes about 10 minutes, same for trainstationn, the supermarket is 3 minutes away.



Attendees List

The column "Sponsoring needed?" is to know if you need sponsoring from the KDE e.V. or if you pay the travel/stay by yourself.

Name email Arrival Departure Airport Flight Food preferences Estimated travel costs Sponsoring needed? Work Special Preference: With edu/alone/either
Marco Martin mart AT kde DOT org TBD TBD none none whatever ~150€ yes Plasma2/mobile - either
Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo AT kde DOT org 24 apr 28 apr Amsterdam AZ120/AZ121 whatever ~180€ yes Plasma2/mobile/synchronization - i can attend only if the meeting is co-hosted with the kde-edu folks
Lukas Appelhans l.appelhans AT kde DOT org TBD TBD none none whatever 30-50€ yes Media Center/QML Not sure if attends yet ;) alone, because it's holiday time
Artur Souza asouza AT kde DOT org TBD TBD none none whatever ~ 900 euros yes QML / plasma2 / plasma-mobile - either
Martin Gräßlin kde at martin - graesslin dot com TBD TBD TBD TBD whatever ~100 € yes Compositor - alone
Sebastian Kuegler sebas at TBD TBD TBD TBD whatever TBD maybe Solid / Tablet / Activities - alone
Davide Bettio bettio - kde - org TBD TBD none none no fish for me ~150 € yes Plasma2, mobile, QML - either
Ivan Čukić ivan dot cukic at kde dot org TBD TBD TBD TBD whatever ~350 € yes activities/plasma2 - either
Dario Freddi drf AT kde DOT org 24 apr 28 apr Amsterdam AZ120/AZ121 whatever ~180€ yes Plasma2/workspace integration/random ideas - either
Aaron Seigo aseigo AT kde DOT org TBD TBD none none vegetarian TBD yes Overall project guidance Would prefer end of April, but either probably works.
Daker Pinheiro dakerfp AT gmail DOT com TBD TBD none none whatever ~ 900 euros yes QML / plasma-components / GSoC - either
Farhad Hedayati Fard hf.farhad AT gmail DOT com TBD TBD TBD TBD whatever TBD yes newcomer(TBD!) need an invitation, may not be able to get visa in time either

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