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Below is a collection of open tasks that anyone could jump into immediately. For further information on any of the tasks, visit us in #plasma on irc.freenode.net or on the Plasma Devel mailing list.

Window List Plasmoid

add more actions to it such as "minimize all", see bug 191394 . Claimed by : shadeslayer ( Rohan Garg )

Tasks Plasmoid

when "only show minimized windows" is selected, set the minimize-to target of all non-minimized windows to the taskbar. see: bug 209650

Icon Plasmoid

either it needs cleaning up, or a new plasmoid needs to be created, that works well as a custom launcher and/or url shortcut.

All plasmoids


Update X-KDE-PluginInfo-Website entries to point to their entries on Userbase

config dialogs

Make the configuration dialogs for all Plasmoids consistent in layout (QFormLayout style)


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