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Below is a collection of open tasks that anyone could jump into immediately. For further information on any of the tasks, visit us in #plasma on irc.freenode.net or on the Plasma Devel mailing list.


  • Folderview: extend FolderView::configChanged() such that all configuration options are read there on FolderView start. This will ensure that configuration changes made "behind its back" (e.g. by the Desktop Scripting) will take effect. The code is in kdebase/apps/plasma/applets/folderview. Claimed by: shadeslayer ( Rohan Garg )
  • Check plasmoids in kdeplasma-addons/applets/ for the configChanged() method, which should reload any settings from the configuration file. configChanged() is how applets are notified that the configuration changed behind their back (e.g. by a desktop script). Currently needing attention are:
    • bball
    • binary-clock
    • blackboard (has no configuration settings)
    • bookmarks
    • bubblemon
    • calculator (has no configuration settings)
    • charselect (has no configuration settings)
    • comic
    • community
    • eyes (has no configuration settings)
    • fifteenPuzzle
    • fileWatcher
    • frame
    • fuzzy-clock
    • incomingmsg
    • kdeobservatory
    • kimpanel
    • knowledgebase
    • kolourpicker
    • konqprofiles (has no configuration settings)
    • konsoleprofiles (has no configuration settings)
    • lancelot
    • leavenote
    • life
    • luna
    • magnifique (has no configuration settings)
    • mediaplayer (has no configuration settings)
    • notes
    • nowplaying
    • paste
    • pastebin
    • previewer
    • rememberthemilk
    • rssnow
    • shelf
    • showdashboard
    • showdesktop
    • social-news
    • spellcheck
    • systemloadviewer
    • timer
    • weather
    • webslice

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