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Below is a collection of open tasks that anyone could jump into immediately. For further information on any of the tasks, visit us in #plasma on irc.freenode.net or on the Plasma Devel mailing list.

Hotplug DataEngine

  • add serviceForSource to the hotplug DataEngine (kdebase-workspace/plasma/generic/dataengines/hotplug) that provides an easy way to run a given predicate file.
  • add a sourceRequested method for "predicate:<some predicate file>" sources that would return information on the predicate (name, icon, etc)

Window List Plasmoid

add more actions to it such as "minimize all", see bug 191394 .

Tasks Plasmoid

when "only show minimized windows" is selected, set the minimize-to target of all non-minimized windows to the taskbar. see: bug 209650

Icon Plasmoid

either it needs cleaning up, or a new plasmoid needs to be created, that works well as a custom launcher and/or url shortcut.

Folder View Plasmoid

On the desktop the folder view plasmoid lets you browse sub-folder by click on an an arrow icon. This feature is missing when folder view is in a panel and should be implemented. See: bug 214270

All plasmoids


Update X-KDE-PluginInfo-Website entries to point to their entries on Userbase

config dialogs

  • Connect config dialog widgets up with the Apply button; plasmoids completed:
    • bball
    • binary clock - Romário Rios
    • bubblemon
    • comic
    • community
    • fifteenPuzzle
    • file watcher
    • folderview
    • fuzzy clock - Romário Rios
    • incomingmsg
    • knowledge
    • lancelot - farhad_hf
    • leavenote
    • libplasmaclock - Romário Rios
    • life
    • luna
    • microblog
    • news
    • notes
    • paste
    • pastebin
    • picture frame
    • plasmaboard/panelIcon
    • qalculate
    • rssnow
    • systemloadviewer
    • weather lib (kdeplasma-addons/libs/plasmaweather/) + weatherstation
    • webslice
  • Make the configuration dialogs for all Plasmoids consistent in layout (QFormLayout style)

plasmoid size and profile issues

  • Plasmoids that are normally iconified in a panel should change to a format similar to on the desktop in a large panel. Not all do. These widgets still need such functionality:
  • In large panels, the following plasmoids do not properly change their width relative to their height, resulting in either the widget being extremely narrow relative to its width, having graphical glitches, or not resizing at all:
    • Blackboard
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • Chemistry Did You Know
    • Kalzium Concentration calculator
    • Kalzium Nuclear calculator
    • Life
    • Knowledge Base
    • News
    • Timer
    • World Clock
  • The following plasmoids remain iconified even on the desktop, even though on click they have content that would be appropriate to have expanded normally on the desktop:
    • Network Management
    • Spell Check


  • implement mimeDataForMatch(const QueryMatch *match) for various runner plugins, e.g. Shell, Nepomuk. See: bug 249621

Microblog dataengine

Implement missing parts of the Twitter/Identica protocol, see here: http://status.net/wiki/Twitter-compatible_API

  • Group resource
  • Friends resource
  • User resource
  • ...

Who is doing what?

Job Person
Window List
Microblog Group resource

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