Plasma/SAL QML


Keyboard Navigation

  • Add a shortcut to open/close launcher
  • Add arrow-key navigation within results (technically this already "works", except the issue is that the input field steals it. not sure how to remedy that without hurting one or the other).


  • Make texts easier to read (more opaque background?)
  • Only show tooltip when text is truncated
  • Hide "highlight" frame when cursor is not over any item
  • When search results are incrementally added, opacity of result items which are already there should not change. Right now opacity of all existing result items goes to 0 and back to 1.
  • BUG: the tooltip dialog can "stick" even though sal itself is hidden/closed, or unfocused. probably needs to be a timer-based close/hide event. This also applies to some failure to propagate in some form or another, the mouse leave events of the favorites icon.
  • Brainstorm on a better way to choose runners, maybe a pop-out side panel? Would depend on runner extensibility (see below).
  • Fix margin issues on items in the Favorites View (bottom row).
  • For launchers with no icons, supersede it with the oxygen undefined icon, so at least it won't be blank/empty space.


  • After entering a category there is no obvious way to go back, add a "Back" button or breadcrumbs?
  • Clicking a folder from the "Files" runner opens the folder in Dolphin, it should list the folder content IMO, just like one can enter a category
  • Tabs on the top seems to be hardcoded, should they be customizable or at least extensible?
  • Typing a search term in the search box searches in all runners by default, instead of the current one
  • Favorites should save to the config. Currently having issues getting it to save *anything*.
  • Hide the salviewer popup when an executable/item is launched. That would require some kind of signal from the qml side, connected from the C++ applet side, which would then send a dbus command. A cleaner route would be nice, but I believe that's the only way.
  • Create a "Close" button rendered on top of sal. That code would have to be written *inside* salviewer itself.
  • Install sal-qml as not only an applet, but a containment as well. So as to replace the current broken C++ one in master.
  • Fix mouse area boundary issues on the Favorite icon of a Result item.
  • Add scrolling of probably horizontal to the Favorites View, for when there's too many.
  • Add enabling and disabling of visible categories (as seen from the "home" page).


What is the difference between "Categories" and "Apps"?

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