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Keyboard Navigation

  • Add a shortcut to open/close launcher
  • Add arrow-key navigation within results


  • Make texts easier to read (more opaque background?)
  • Only show tooltip when text is truncated
  • Hide "highlight" frame when cursor is not over any item


  • After entering a category there is no obvious way to go back, add a "Back" button or breadcrumbs?
  • Clicking a folder from the "Files" runner opens the folder in Dolphin, it should list the folder content IMO, just like one can enter a category
  • Tabs on the top seems to be hardcoded, should they be customizable or at least extensible?
  • Typing a search term in the search box searches in all runners by default, instead of the current one
  • Favorites should save to the config. Currently having issues getting it to save _anything_.


What is the difference between "Categories" and "Apps"?

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