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Porting Plasmoids to QML

This part contains the current state of plasmoids that are being transformed to QML. Developers please update the status of the same here. Also, feel free to add any that you may be porting, if they aren't listed. REMEMBER! when you merge them to master, update the feature plan, so our release monkeys can keep track.


Status Name Source Developer
DONE Activities kdeworkspace master
TODO Activity Bar Nowhere <>
DONE Battery Monitor kdeworkspace master <>
TODO Binary Clock Nowhere <>
TODO Blackboard Nowhere <>
TODO Bookmarks Nowhere <>
TODO Bouncy Ball Nowhere <>
TODO Bubblemon Nowhere <>
TODO Calculator Nowhere <>
TODO Calendar Nowhere <>
TODO Character Selector Nowhere <>
TODO Colour Picker Nowhere <>
TODO Community Nowhere <>
TODO CPU Monitor Nowhere <>
TODO Hardware Info Nowhere <>
TODO Picture Frame Nowhere <>
TODO Icon Nowhere <>
TODO Panel Spacer Nowhere <>
IN PROGRESS System Tray kde-workspace/dmitrya <>
TODO Web Slice Nowhere <>
TODO Fifteen Puzzle Nowhere <>
TODO Notes Nowhere <>
TODO Keyboard Nowhere <>
TODO Keyboard Layout Nowhere <>
TODO World Clock Nowhere <>
DONE Pager kdeplasma-addons master <>
DONE Weather kdeplasma-addons master <>
DONE Weatherstation kdeplasma-addons master <>
TODO Trash Nowhere <>
TODO Window List Nowhere <>
TODO Timer ????? <>
IN PROGRESS Task Manager ???? <>
IN PROGRESS Notifications plasma/mart/notifications-qml <>
IN PROGRESS News master branch of declarative-plasmoids repository <>
IN PROGRESS Microblog master branch of declarative-plasmoids repository <>
IN PROGRESS Analog Clock plasma/viranch/analogclock <>
IN PROGRESS Lock Logout "plasma/viranch/powermanagementservices" branch of kde-workspace <>
IN PROGRESS Kickoff kickoff-qml branch of kde-workspace <>
IN PROGRESS Dictionary master branch of declarative-plasmoids repository <>
IN PROGRESS Kate session "plasma/sreich/declarative-kate-applet" branch of kate <>
IN PROGRESS Digital Clock plasma/brummbq/digital-clock of kde-workspace <>
IN PROGRESS Quick Launch "plasma/iwesp/quicklaunch" branch of kde-workspace <>
IN PROGRESS RSS Now master branch of declarative-plasmoids <>
IN PROGRESS System Monitor plasma/sreich/qml2-system-monitors, stuck until we can depend on Qt5 <>
DONE Konsole session kdeplasma-addons (Merged) <>
DONE Konqueror session kdeplasma-addons (Merged) <>
DONE Device Notifier kde-workspace (Merged) <>
DONE Now Playing kdeplasma-addons (Merged) <>
IN PROGRESS Comic Strip "rshah/comicqml" branch of kdeplasma-addons <>


Status Name Source Developer
TODO Desktop nowhere <nobody>
TODO Sal nowhere <nobody>
TODO Newspaper nowhere <nobody>
TODO Grouping desktop nowhere <nobody>
TODO Folderview nowhere <nobody>


Status Name Source Developer
IN PROGRESS Kickoff kickoff-qml branch of kde-workspace <>

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