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This document describes the necessary steps towards Plasma Workspaces 2 running on Wayland. It contains the current state of components that are being transformed to QML and Plasma2. Developers please update the status of the same here. REMEMBER! when start working, or you are done, update this page.

Definition of Done

If you are porting a piece of code, think about the following list when trying to finish it:

  • In case of a Plasmoid, it is ported to QML
  • It has been reviewed by the rest of the team
  • merged into master branch
  • verified to load and work in Plasma 2


The following items are necessary for a basic working desktop. This is pretty much what we need for our current default configuration.

Library- cq. Framework-level Changes

Status Action Method Developer
DONE libtaskmanager Porting libtaskmanager to Wayland-compatible API <all>
IN PROGRESS Plasma::Applet API Review status <all>
IN PROGRESS Plasma::Containment API Review status <all>
IN PROGRESS Plasma::Corona API Review status <all>
IN PROGRESS Plasma::DataContainer API Review status <all>
IN PROGRESS Plasma::DataEngine API Review status <all>
IN PROGRESS Plasma::Service API Review status <all>
IN PROGRESS Plasma::Theme API Review status <all>
IN PROGRESS Plasma::RunnerManager API Review status] <all>
IN PROGRESS Misc API Changes More API Issues <all>
IN PROGRESS Shell Switching kded Module to keep track of formfactor changes <Aaron>
IN PROGRESS Shell Package Create shell package for Desktop UX <notmart>
IN PROGRESS Look & Feel Package Create Look & Feel package for Desktop UX <sebas>
TODO Look & Feel Package Config option for what to do on mouse wheel <all>
TODO Look & Feel Package Config option for showing tooltips <all>
TODO Screen Locker Port event filter to XCB <mgraesslin>
TODO Screen Locker Componentize Lock Screen <all>
TODO Screen Locker Port screen locker config to QML <all>
TODO Screen Locker Port Greeter Widget away from QGV Edmundson <David Edmundson>
TODO Screen Locker Bring back options for start automatically and grace time <all>
TODO Shell structure New kde-workspace structure <all>
TODO Shell Switching Create KWin effect for switching <all>
TODO Shell Switching Shell switching mechanism in plasma-shell <all>
TODO Shell Switching Config option to manually switch shell <all>
TODO Shell Switching Enable/disable virtual keyboard based on formfactor <all>
TODO Shell Package Create shell package for Active UX <all>
TODO Splash intergrate ksplash QML with startup <all>
TODO Splash Make part of shell package <all>
TODO Desktop Scripting Dynamic Activity-Desktop association <all>
TODO Desktop Scripting Property Activity-related API <all>
TODO Desktop Scripting Introspectible Plasmoid configuration <all>
TODO Desktop Scripting Rework wallpaper API <all>
TODO Window Placement Wayland-compatible placement of dialogs and tooltips and other windows <all>
TODO Qt Qml Conditional QML imports <all>
TODO Dashboard Config option for dashboard having different set of plasmoids <all>
TODO Step Back Step back, look at it as a whole, polish it like there's no tomorrow. <all>

(Not all relevant classes have been reviewed yet, this list might expand in the future.)


Status Name Source Developer
DONE tasks kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <sebas@kde.org>
DONE time kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <sebas@kde.org>
DONE applicationjobs kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <bhush94@gmail.com>
DONE apps kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <davidedmundson@kde.org>
DONE soliddevice kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <bhush94@gmail.com>
DONE statusnotifieritem kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <bhush94@gmail.com>
DONE devicenotifications kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <sebas@kde.org>
DONE hotplug kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <davidedmundson@kde.org>
DONE keystate kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <bhush94@gmail.com>
DONE notifications kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <sebas@kde.org>
DONE places kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <sebas@kde.org>
DONE powermanagement kde-workspace[frameworks-scratch] <sebas@kde.org>
DONE activities kde-workspace <bhush94@gmail.com>
TODO calendar Waiting for kdepim <nobody@kde.org>

Plasmoids and Containments

Status Name Source Developer
DONE Kickoff kde-workspace <mgrassglin@kde.org>
DONE ToolBox kde-workspace <sebas@kde.org>
DONE Widget Explorer plasma-framework <sebas@kde.org>
DONE Desktop plasma/sebas/desktop-qml or master branches in kde-workspace <sebas@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Notifications kde-workspace (needs config) <notmart@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS System Tray kde-workspace <sebas@kde.org>
DONE tasks kde-workspace <hein@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Digital Clock (needs config) kde-workspace <heena393@gmail.com>
DONE devicenotifier kde-workspace <bhush94@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Battery Monitor kde-workspace <nobody@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Network Manager libnm-qt[qt5], plasma-nm[frameworks] <sebas@kde.org>
TODO Folder View nowhere <hein@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Panel nowhere <notmart>
IN PROGRESS Icon kde-workspace (needs config) <bhush94@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS calendar (needs holidays and events from kdepimlibs) plasma-framework <heena393@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Pager kde-workspace <mart@kde.org>
TODO Activity manager(?) No where <nobody@kde.org>

Session Stuff

Status Name Source Developer
IN PROGRESS KSMServer kde-workspace <teo@kde.org>
TODO startkde kde-workspace <nobody@kde.org>
TODO powerdevil kde-workspace <afiestas@kde.org>
DONE ktimezoned kde-runtime <mklapetek@kde.org>
TODO KRunner (aseigo has plans for redesign) ?? <me@vhanda.in>
TODO kded + modules kde-runtime <afiestas@kde.org>
TODO kglobalacceld (X11) kde-runtime <mgraesslin@kde.org>


Status Name Source Developer
TODO Applications No Where <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Commandline No Where <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Locations No Where <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Places No Where <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Recent Documents No Where <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Dictionary Windows <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Units No Where <nobody@kde.org>


Status Name Source Developer
IN PROGRESS Systemsettings Make shell work and layout correctly <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Systemsettings Appearance Fonts settings <nobody@kde.org>
DONE Systemsettings Network Network Managment KCM <sebas@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS ... More essential KCMs... <mgraesslin@kde.org>

QML components

Status Name Source Developer
IN PROGRESS Plotter plasma-framework[bshah/plotter-qml] <bhush94@gmail.com>
TODO Gauge No where <nobody@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Color chooser No where <bhush94@gmail.com>
TODO Font chooser No Where <nobody@kde.org>

Planned for later

The following lists contain add-ons which are not in the default config.

Plasmoids and Containments

Status Name Source Developer
DONE analog-clock Nowhere <davidedmundson@kde.org>

DONE Trash frameworks-scratch of kde-workspace (plasma2) <heena393@gmail.com>
DONE Window List frameworks-scratch of kde-workspace (plasma2) <heena393@gmail.com>
DONE Activity Bar kde-workspace <bhush94@gmail.com>

TODO Comic Strip Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Calculator kdeplasma-addons (Merged) <luizromario@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Konsole session kdeplasma-addons (Merged) <sreich@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Konqueror session kdeplasma-addons (Merged) <sreich@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Now Playing kdeplasma-addons (Merged) <kde@randomguy3.me.uk>
IN PROGRESS Activities kdeworkspace master
IN PROGRESS Weather kdeplasma-addons master <lampih@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Weatherstation kdeplasma-addons master <lampih@gmail.com>

IN PROGRESS Lock Logout "plasma/viranch/powermanagementservices" branch of kde-workspace <viranch.mehta@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Kate session "plasma/sreich/declarative-kate-applet" branch of kate <sreich@kde.org>

IN PROGRESS Quick Launch "plasma/iwesp/quicklaunch" branch of kde-workspace <Ingomar@wesp.name>
IN PROGRESS Fifteen Puzzle Nowhere <bettio@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS KGet Widget qmlwidget branch of KGet <bhush94@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Timer bettio/qml-gsoc-timer <bettio@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS News master branch of declarative-plasmoids repository <notmart@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Microblog master branch of declarative-plasmoids repository <sebas@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Dictionary master branch of declarative-plasmoids repository <sreich@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS RSS Now master branch of declarative-plasmoids <terietor@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS System Monitor plasma/sreich/qml2-system-monitors, (pre-5.0). Uses canvas, needs scaling, migration move to an applet, and sensor binding mostly Reich <Shaun Reich>
TODO panelspacer Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO quicklaunch Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO showActivityManager Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Binary Clock Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Blackboard Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Bookmarks Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Bouncy Ball KILL IT <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Bubblemon Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Character Selector Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Colour Picker Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Community Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO CPU Monitor see System Monitors <sreich@kde.org>
TODO Hardware Info Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Picture Frame Nowhere <nobody>
TODO Panel Spacer Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO webbrowser Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Web Slice Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Notes Nowhere <bettio@kde.org>
TODO Keyboard Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO Keyboard Layout Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO World Clock Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>

TODO Sal Containment nowhere <nobody>
TODO Newspaper Containment nowhere <nobody>
TODO Grouping desktop Containment nowhere <nobody>


Status Name Source Developer
DONE dict kde-workspace <bhush94@gmail.com>
DONE executable kde-workspace <bhush94@gmail.com>
DONE filebrowser kde-workspace <bhush94@gmail.com>
DONE systemmonitor kde-workspace <bhush94@gmail.com>
TODO favicons Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO geolocation Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO metadata Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO mouse Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO mpris2 Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO network Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO nowplaying Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO rss Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO share Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO weather Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO searchlaunch Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>
TODO akonadi Nowhere <nobody@kde.org>

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