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Oxygen QML Controls Status

Status Component Problems / Status Developer
TODO ApplicationWindow No background gradient
TODO MenuBar No dropdown menu Frame
TODO StatusBar
TODO ToolBar
IN PROGRESS ScrollView Missing Frame round scrolled contents - Fixed Locally [mailto: David < David>]
TODO SplitView
TODO StackView
IN PROGRESS TabView,72813 [mailto: <>]
IN PROGRESS TableView Selection highlight has no gradient + Scrollview bug [mailto: David < David>]
DONE Button
DONE CheckBox
TODO ComboBox Missing Frame in Menu (oxygen bug)
DONE GroupBox
DONE Label
DONE ProgressBar
DONE RadioButton
DONE Slider
TODO SpinBox Textbox slightly too large, overlaps frame
TODO TextArea Missing frame (oxygen bug), missing focus frame, wrong text colors when disabled, does not keep highlight when right-clicking highlighted text (makes copying text via context menu impossible)
TODO TextField ( Padding is still slightly off (minor)
TODO ToolButton

Fixing Info

In Oxygen most style methods take an optional parameter which is the widget to get hints for. From QtQuickControls this is a null pointer. Oxygen sometimes fails on this and returns different to the desktop implementation.

There is a Controls Style QML theme that, uses a private QtQuickControls library which talks to QStyle. Most relevant code is at: src/controls/Private/qquickstyleitem.cpp

Using QGuiApplication will cause styles not to load. Apps _must_ use QApplication

Upstream documentation

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