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With the death of the ZUI, managing multiple screens (or per-desktop views) becomes... a little trickier. A UI for managing the containments ("widget groups" in user-speak?) is needed.

Manager UI


Other Tasks

When a screen is disconnected (or in PDV, a desktop removed) the associated containment and view (for each running activity) should be automatically stopped - and resumed again when the screen/desktop returns. We can migrate panels, but not desktops, and it doesn't make sense to leave something running and inaccessible (having to manually stop it would also be Wrong).

- When implementing this, be careful to check how it interacts with stopping and starting activities. it'd suck to lose containments. - I don't like how I ended up with two authorities on where a containment belongs: there's both the lastScreen/lastDesktop settings in the containment, and the place that running containment has in the Applet class. that ought to be rethought. - Might it be easier to leave the config in plasma-desktop-appletsrc, and have the startup loading skip containments assigned to nonexistant screens/desktops? -Once this is implemented, I believe panels should behave the same way, instead of migrating. It's more consistent that way. thoughts?

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