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Multihead is a configuration where you have independent X servers running on each screen, meaning you also need to run another instance of Plasma, Kwin, …

Known issues

  • KWin doesn‘t start right away but once started manually works fine
  • KDE Splash screen doesn‘t appear on other screens than the primary one
  • Localization doesn‘t apply properly on the other screens, e.g. Plasma seems to be in English all the time while other programs sometimes adapt the locale after some time
  • Legacy Startup indicator (bouncing mouse cursor) isn‘t aware of the other monitors, the new Compositing one works fine
  • Cannot create a default panel (with Kickoff, taskbar, systray, clock, …), just an empty one
  • New application instanzes always open on that screen where another one is already opened instead of showing up on the screen from which they were launched

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