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This page describes the plans to develop Plasma Mobile from a high-level. Day-to-day development and planning is done in KDE's Phabricator system.


Plasma Mobile 0.1 "Prototype" (finished)

The Plasma Mobile prototype shows the viability of Plasma on a handheld device. The prototype boots a reference device, is able to make phone calls, select contacts from an address book and contains partly functional outlook on how handset running Plasma could look like. <embedvideo service="youtube">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auuQA0Q8qpM</embedvideo> Plasma Mobile 0.1 provides:

  • Phone stack definition
  • Basic proof-of-concept Plasma Shell providing the handset UI, including:
    • App launcher
    • Draggable top panel
    • Task switcher
    • Settings application
    • Proof-of-concept set of apps

Plasma Mobile 1.0 "Feature Phone" (WIP)

Plasma Mobile 1.0 provides an end-user ready experience with a minimal, useful feature set. This includes the underlying OS and plumbing layers, a workspace to launch and manage apps, some basic system functions to set up the network, show connection status, etc. Functions that a 1.0 should provide:

  • Answering and initiating phone calls
  • Contacts / Address book
  • Sending and receiving SMS, possibly other IM service as SMS is pretty old fashioned
  • Hardware functions:
    • Volume control
    • Network control (wifi and Mobile), incl. airplane mode
  • Basic settings
    • Language / Locale
    • Clock / Timezone
    • Ringtone / Notification sounds / Do-not-disturb
    • Mobile network functions and settings
      • APN
      • Roaming
      • Tethering
      • Data Limits

See Plasma Mobile 1.0 workboard.

Plasma Mobile 2.0 "Basic Smartphone"

Plasma Mobile 2.0 builds upon the basic functionality provided in 1.0, and provides more functions:

  • Email reading and sending
  • Application management (installation, updating

Plasma Mobile 3.0 "Featured Smartphone"

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