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=== What is Plasma Mobile ===
{{Note|This page is now on [[https://docs.plasma-mobile.org/Introduction.html https://docs.plasma-mobile.org/]]}}
Plasma Mobile offers a Free (as in Freedom and beer), user-friendly, privacy-enabling and customizable platform for mobile devices. There's a prototype providing basic functionality that is running on a limited, but growing range of Android devices using the [https://halium.org/ Halium] project. Currently Plasma Mobile is under heavy development and unfortunately can't be used as a daily driver.
Halium isn't Plasma Mobile: Halium is only providing support to packing a basic android system based upon LineageOS into an LXC container into a normal GNU/Linux system. Then the host system is able to use the proprietary android firmware into a normal system using [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybris_(software) libhybris], which is the simplest way without reverse-engineering all drivers. Unfortunately this way the often outdated android kernels still need to be used.
=== Why? ===
The most common offerings on mobile devices lack openness and trust. In a world of walled gardens, we want to create a platform that respects and protects the user's privacy to the fullest. We want to provide a fully open base which others can help develop and use for themselves, or in their products.
=== What's the status? ===
Plasma Mobile is available as a developer prototype running on about 10 Android devices using Halium. This number is constantly increasing as there are more and more device ports on Halium, you can find a list of the finished and unfinished ports on [https://github.com/Halium/projectmanagement/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3APorts GitHub] and on the [http://docs.halium.org/en/latest/supplementary/devices/index.html#device-overview Halium Wiki]. Their supported features differ and it's the best if you look up a specific device port for that information.
But don't think Plasma Mobile can't do anything, there are already some features available: making and receiving phone calls, navigation via. [https://marble.kde.org/ Marble] and image viewing using [https://userbase.kde.org/Koko Koko]. This is not a promise that it will work on all devices, because most of the Halium ports are still missing some fixes and the provided KDE Neon system also needs debugging.
=== Where can I find... ===
More info, such as installation instructions, is available in the [http://community.kde.org/Plasma/Mobile Plasma Mobile Wiki] and on the [http://www.plasma-mobile.org Plasma Mobile website].
The code for various Plasma Mobile components can be found on [https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/mobile git.kde.org].
You can also ask your questions in the [https://www.plasma-mobile.org/join/ Plasma Mobile community groups and channels].

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