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Plasma Mobile Developer Guide

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The development environment needed depends on the area of Plasma Mobile development you want to contribute. There are three kinds of development environment:

  1. General KDE development environment
  2. Plasma Mobile emulated environment
  3. Mobile device running plasma mobile

Nevertheless, in case that you don't need an actual mobile device running Plasma Mobile, we strongly suggest to use a Plasma Mobile emulated environment, since such an environment will facilitate the testing of your work.

Plasma Mobile emulated environment

Get the Plasma Moible precompiled image

At first, you have to download the precompiled ISO image. TODO: Add link

Run the virtual machine

To use the precompiled ISO, QEMU should be installed. QEMU is a free and open-source hosted hypervisor that performs hardware virtualization. In KDE neon, just execute:

sudo apt install qemu-utils qemu-system-x86

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