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This article describes how you can contribute to Plasma Mobile, take part in its design and development.

I am a designer

For designers, the Plasma Mobile Forums provide a good start to get in touch with others in the team. You can pick up ideas from there, and post feedback or even your own designs to get input from others.

I want to write an app

There are multiple ways to bring your application to Plasma Mobile

  • Write a native app: You can bring a new app that is already using KDE Frameworks to Plasma Mobile. Make the UI touch-friendly, and talk to us how it can best be integrated.
  • Port an existing app: Plasma Mobile is an inclusive system, allowing to run different apps. If your application is written using is ready for the use on touchscreens and high-dpi displays, it's usually possible to install it using the package manager. A first step is to try it and fix possible issues.
  • Android apps: Support for Android apps is currently work-in-progress. Talk to us about its status

I want to work on the Plasma Mobile system

If you want to the Plasma Mobile "core" system or functionality, a good starting point is to subscribe to the Plasma mailing list and let us know what you're interested in for improvements. If you're up for picking up any other task, let us know and we'll get you going.

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