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==General Mobile Components==
==General Mobile Components==
The following git modules are generally useful on mobile devices and provide touch-friendly functionality.
* ''plasma-mobile'': Components generally applicable on mobile devices.
* ''plasma-mobile'': Components generally applicable on mobile devices.
* ''plasma-settings'': Settings application and modules.
* ''plasma-settings'': Settings application and modules.

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Getting the Code

You can check out any of these repos easily:

git clone kde:<repository name>

You should add the "kde" alias to your Git setup.The code for various Plasma Mobile components can be found on git.kde.org.

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Plasma Mobile is built on top of KDE Frameworks. You can find download links for the stable releases of these on download.kde.org and its API documentation here.


Plasma provides components for multi-device workspaces. Plasma desktop provides has been providing a stable, versatile and modular desktop. Plasma Mobile shares many components and all of its underlying architecture with Plasma desktop, but provides a UI and features necessary and useful on mobile devices. The idea is to provide a base platform, that can be augmented with device-specific modules. On a laptop, one would typically install plasma-workspace and plasma-desktop, while on a mobile device, one would install plasma-workspace and plasma-mobile and friends. None of the repositories conflicts with others, so it's possible to provide a system with UIs for multiple formfactors, and decide at runtime, which UI to offer. You can find the source code tarballs of the stable releases of Plasma on download.kde.org. A listing of git repositories can be found on projects.kde.org.

As Plasma Mobile does not have stable release yet, we advise you to pull the code to create tarballs directly from our git repositories' master branches. Relevant repositiories for Plasma Mobile are:

General Mobile Components

The following git modules are generally useful on mobile devices and provide touch-friendly functionality.

  • plasma-mobile: Components generally applicable on mobile devices.
  • plasma-settings: Settings application and modules.
  • plasma-camera: Camera application.
  • plasma-angelfish: Proof-of-concept demo webbrowser for phones.
  • plasma-samegame: Small example game, pure QML.
  • plasma-maliit-frameworks: Maliit virtual keyboard integration.
  • plasma-maliit-plugin: Maliit virtual keyboard integration.
  • mtp-server: Maliit virtual keyboard integration.

Phone Specific

  • plasma-phone-components: Dialer and Phone shell QtQuick code, application launcher model, etc.
  • plasma-phone-dev-setup: Default configs for Plasma Phone

Development Tools

  • xbuilder: Script to set up an SDK.
  • xutils: Utilities for the SDK.
  • plasma-phone-sim: simulator for development of apps

Building the code

In order to build Plasma Mobile, please refer to the build instructions.

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