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==Vision Statement==
{{Note|Documentation has been moved to [https://docs.plasma-mobile.org docs.plasma-mobile.org]}}
"''Plasma Mobile aims to become a complete software system for mobile devices. It is designed to give privacy-aware users back the full-control over their information and communication. Plasma Mobile takes a pragmatic approach and is inclusive to 3rd party software, allowing the user to choose which applications and services to use. It provides a seamless experience across multiple devices. Plasma Mobile implements open standards and it is developed in a transparent process that is open for the community to participate in.''"
; [[/General|General Information]]: General Information about Plasma Mobile
; [[/FAQ|FAQ]]: Frequently Asked Questions
= Design =
; [[/Design|Design Workflow and Resources]]: How Plasma Mobile is being designed
= Flashing and Testing =
; [[/FlashingPlasmaMobile|Flashing]]: Flashing Neon based reference rootfs
; [[/RunningApps|Running Apps]]: How to start run on a Plasma Mobile device
= Development =
; [[/Roadmap|Roadmap]]: What's the plan?
; [[/Code|Code]]: Where can I find the code?
; [[/Contributing | Contributing]]: How can I contribute?
; [[/DevGuide | Developer Guide]]: Get started by creating a Plasma Mobile development environment

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