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Try and install Plasma from a live CD provided by several Linux distributions.


The Fedora KDE Spin comes with Plasma. New minor Plasma versions are pushed as regular updates for Fedora installations but live media may contain a slightly older release (depending on Fedora’s release cycle).

KDE neon

KDE neon builds Frameworks and Plasma on a continuous integration system for its Developer Edition.

You can use the stable version for builds from Plasma/5.x branches or unstable version for builds from master branches. The user edition has builds from released software.



ALT Linux

  • Plasma 4 is included with ALT Linux KDesktop official distribution since 5.0;
  • Weekly updated Regular builds include both KDE4 and KDE5 ones (installable LiveCDs built upon our unstable development branch dubbed Sisyphus).


Alien BOB (Eric Hameleers) provides a Live image for Plasma 5 based on the development tree "slackware64-current". Login/password are both "live".

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