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The workflow is as follows:

  • To get a branch added to integration, edit this page and add it in the Requested But Not Yet Merged section.
  • This should be followed by an email to active at mailing list explaining what is in the branch so everyone can watch for it in integration. The email should contain:
    • What the branch does (functionality, bug fixes, etc)
    • What needs QA and user testing
  • Every Monday morning, all branches are merged into integration.
  • Whenever a bug fix is implemented in a branch (tracked via in the active branch), that branch will be merged within a day or two (or Monday, if that is sooner)
  • After a minimum of 1 week, and when the branch passes testing in integration, it will be merged into master.

Current Branches

  • origin/orientation
  • origin/rcg/imageviewer
  • pa4/fileBrowser-fileTypeUI

Requested But Not Yet Merged Branches

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