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The workflow is as follows:

  • To get a branch added to integration, edit this page and add it in the Requested But Not Yet Merged section.
  • This should be followed by an email to the specific mailing list explaining what is in the branch so everyone can watch for it in integration. The email should contain:
    • What the branch does (functionality, bug fixes, etc)
    • What needs QA and user testing
  • Every Monday morning, all branches are merged into integration.
  • Whenever a bug fix is implemented in a branch (tracked via bugs.kde.org in the appropriate product), that branch will be merged within a day or two (or Monday, if that is sooner)
  • After a minimum of 1 week, and when the branch passes testing in integration, it will be merged into master.

NOTE: If you don't want to trigger the server side hooks with some keyword in your commit message keep the branch locally and push it after the review on the reviewboard.

Wiki Pages

This wiki page describes the general workflow, visit the appropriate wiki page for specific informations like

  • the mailing list
  • the product name in bugs.kde.org
  • the Current Branches Section and theRequested But Not Yet Merged

Project that follow this Git Workflow


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