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How to install test versions of Plasma Next




openSUSE offers snapshots from git master updated frequently as well. Add the KDE:Unstable:Frameworks repository (http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:KDE... and the Qt53 repository (available at the same link) and install the plasma-next-session package to have a session available at the next login.


`layman -a kde && layman -a qt`, `emerge @kde-live-next` and a daily run of 'smart-live-rebuild' which will only update packages that really got new commits.

From Source

Following the instructions here it will automatically build all KDE software that has a KF5 port, most notably the Plasma workspaces, but also development previews of Kate, Konsole and Dolphin.

Afterwards follow the guides for "Runtime setup" and then run "plasmashell"

Live CD

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