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(Components status)
(Components status)
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<span style="color:green">* ToolBar.qml: ok </span>
<span style="color:green">* ToolBar.qml: ok </span>
<span style="color:yellow">* ToolBarLayout.qml: missing (terietor)</span>
<span style="color:grey">* ToolBarLayout.qml: for review (terietor)</span>
<span style="color:yellow">* ToolButton.qml: to be completed (terietor)</span>
<span style="color:yellow">* ToolButton.qml: to be completed (terietor)</span>

Latest revision as of 16:45, 28 December 2011


  • move the private elements in private/ (terietor) ok
  • finish the python based parser (kokeroulis)
  • set up online infrastructure to automatically run it
  • Document component by component

Components status

* BusyIndicator.qml ok

* Button.qml: ok

* ButtonColumn.qml: ok

* ButtonRow.qml: ok

* CheckBox.qml: ok

* CommonDialog.qml: ok

* ContextMenu.qml: missing (lamarque)

* Dialog.qml: ok

* Highlight.qml: ok

* Label.qml: ok

* ListItem.qml: missing (kokeroulis)

* Menu: missing (c++ class)

* MenuItem: missing (c++ class)

* Page.qml: ok

* PageStack.qml: ok

* ProgressBar.qml: ok

* RadioButton.qml: ok

* ScrollBar.qml: for review (terietor)

* SectionScroller.qml: ok

* SelectionDialog.qml: for review (terietor)

* Slider.qml: ok

* Switch.qml: for review (terietor)

* TabBar.qml: for review (terietor)

* TabButton.qml: ok

* TabGroup.qml: ok

* TextArea.qml: ok

* TextField.qml: ok

* ToolBar.qml: ok

* ToolBarLayout.qml: for review (terietor)

* ToolButton.qml: to be completed (terietor)

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