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Increasing Involvement

We are currently quite a small core team, we need to get some new blood flowing. Brainstorming session on improving this.


  • Qt5.4 merges its high DPI support for the X backend.
  • We need this for apps
  • Plasma Framework does its own thing
  • Both have advantages, disadvantages and clashes!

(Plasma 5.2+ material)

Which repo for which plasmoid

Where do we put each plasmoid; plasma-workspace, plasma-desktop, plasma-addons, kde-look. I want defined rules.

Plugin loading

  • unify and finalize the way plugins are loaded
  • duplicate macros?
  • remove the old ones?


Shell loading

  • loading every shell's "handler.qml" doesn't scale, intentions and needed input features should perhaps be just config files



  • Protocols and Interfaces
  • Session bringup
  • More X11-specific bits

System Settings

  • Redesign ideas
  • Strategy

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