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the plasma side of activities...


  • play/stop/delete icons are misaligned
  • iirc the list gets a bit funny when things resize or go away


  • when plasma is locked, the activitymanager runs away. it shouldn't do that; instead it should disable the add/remove buttons (and maybe stop/play too?)
  • we need a way to rename and set icon from the activity manager. that's the stuff that was in the containment config for 4.5
  • support switching to other-screen containments (explained better on the Multiscreen page
  • templates are only half-implemented. there's no js way to create a new activity, only new containment iirc


  • activity manager doesn't show which activity is the current one. some sort of pretty highlight or something would be nice.
  • those remove/stop buttons could be a lot prettier. hover effects n'stuff
  • random wallpaper when creating a new containment?
  • prettify the search filter?


  • View::swapContainment could do with cleanup like Activity::open.
  • we should hack something into Context so that it keeps the activity name in sync itself, instead of relying on Activity while KActivity* is in kdebase
  • Activity could pay better attention to its containments, in case they get moved around by something else... it kinda assumes that it has full control when it doesn't.


  • sorting of the activities (probably by last activation?)
  • 'running'/'stopped' categories that scroll to the first running/stopped activity
  • something in the panel that tells me what activity I'm on and lets me switch quickly



  • iirc some effects leave 'holes' for windows on other activities. need to check if anyone solved that


  • special window rules for activities, for those stubborn apps that will never play well (might want to wait until session support is in though)

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