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User Actions


Actions that are part of regular usage of Kmail Active (if they are available), and thus should be presented prominently in the UI

  • read up on new/important emails and decide what to do with them quickly
    • reply to sender/all/list
    • forward
    • move to trash / a favorite folder
    • mark as important/unread
    • Mark as spam (if local spam filtering is activated)
  • write new emails from scratch
    • select to/cc/bcc
    • spellcheck (instant)
  • switch accounts
  • open favorite folder


Actions which are not performed every day, but more often than rarely. Should be accessible when needed, but may take a few steps to execute

  • find specific old mail to look up some information
    • browse the folder hierarchy
    • Add a folder to favorite folders
  • manage email
    • move to any folder
    • tag (SLC)
  • Show additional details for a mail (all headers, mail size etc.)

During email creation:

  • send as urgent
  • request disposition notification
  • attach file
  • switch signature insertion on/off
  • encrypt/sign (only if PGP/SMIME is configured)
  • format HTML mail


Actions that are performed only occasionally or only once at initial setup. Can be in separate UIs

  • setup / configure
    • account(s)
    • encryption
    • signature
    • spellchecker
  • create / manage filters
  • import / export mail


Action that can be performed via SLC and thus do not need to be part of the main UI

  • PIM interaction
    • add to address book
    • create event from mail
    • create task from mail
    • connect to Activity
  • print mail ??
  • tag

Requirements and Supported User Actions for KMail Active


C=core/basic features; program does not work without

P=performance features: Not absolutely necessary, but create the impression of a good product

Z=buzz features, not expected by default

E=exotic (not really needed?)

Safety / Capabilities

  • (C) Support multiple accounts
  • (C) Support standard protocols (IMAP, POP3, SMTP)
  • (?) Supports authentication via NTLM (Microsoft Windows) and GSSAPI (Kerberos) Thomas: We should support these only if are essential for many business users.
  • (C) Supports plain text and secure logins, using SSL and TLS.
  • (P) Native support for inline OpenPGP, PGP/MIME, and S/MIME encryption
  • (P) Filter spam (Integration with popular spam checkers, e.g. SpamAssassin, Bogofilter, etc.)
  • (P) Provide user defined rules
  • (Z) Provide synchronization features (e.g. owncloud)

Receive / Read

  • (C) Notification for new messages
  • (C) Show text emails
  • (P) Show html emails
  • (Z) Show extended html stuff (background)
  • (P) Replace text smilies with emoticons
  • (P) Convert html 2 text (ability to display plain text only from an HTML mail)
  • (C) Handle long lists of receivers (collapse/expand, cut, …)
  • (P) Show details (email header)

Send / Compose

  • (C) Create new text mail
  • (P) Create new html mail
  • (C) Select To/CC/BCC
  • (C) Reply to Sender/All
  • (P) Reply to mailing list
  • (C) Forward message
  • (P) Send as urgent
  • (P) Request disposition notification
  • (P) Insert signature
  • (P) Attach file(s)
  • (Z) Compress attachments
  • (P) Check spelling (as-you-type and on demand)

Organize / View

  • (C) Integration of international character sets
  • (P) Mark item (read/unread, important, tag (SLC)…)
  • (Z) Link item (task, appointment, notes)
  • (Z) Add sender(s) to contacts
  • (P) Move items to folders
  • (P) Create folders
  • (P) Search for items (find specific old mail)
  • (C) Navigate folder hierarchy
  • (C) Move to trash
  • (P) Create/Apply filters
  • (C) Sort items by property (time, sender, receiver...)
  • (E) Import/Export emails


  • (P) Create/Modify signature
  • (Z) Provide alternate views (compact list, ...)
  • tbd.


  • (C) Make reading/writing efficient (minimize actions/clicks to start a function)
  • (C) Provide adequate feedback
  • (C) Check user input and let user confirm when necessary
  • (C) Provide support (tooltips on demand)
  • (C) Implement controls according system standard and organize workflow conform to user expectations
  • (P) Provide individualization features
  • (E) Let users control the processing (speed, direction, etc.)

User Experience

  • Use standard UI components
  • Design aesthetically pleasing GUIs
  • tbd.