Plasma Active 2.0 Release Notes (version: 2011-12-14)
KDE Frameworks version: 4.7.4

Information on building, installing Plasma Active and getting images can be found at
Our bug tracker is located at (Product: Active).

Note1: We recommend making the installation with your device connected to the power supply.
Note:2 We strongly encourage you to change the default password by opening Konsole and using the passwd utility.

MeeGo Plasma Active Image

  • Image Name:
  • Sha1 Checksum:
  • Md5 Checksum:

Default Login Data

  • User: root; Password: meego
  • User: meego; Password: meego


  • Package List

Please note that only the MeeGo image ships the Peregrine Communicator app.

Image Related Open Build Service Projects

Known Issues / Errata

MeeGo System

  • Updating from Plasma Active 1.0 to Plasma Active 2.0 is NOT supported due to changes in configuration files.
  • Tapping on the shutdown button may not work on first boot (verified on a Wetab 3G model). If that's the case, open Konsole and run reboot as root. This halts the Wetab 3G model, so you have to press the power button for 10 seconds in order to turn it on again.
  • Bookmarks' icons on bookmarks boxes may change to text file icons.
  • Tapping on bookmarks shown on the recommendations overlay adds them to a document box instead of bookmarks one. Tapping on those that have been added works as expected (opens active-webbrowser).
  • The back button of the Active Image Viewer doesn't always take you to image grid, but to another image. Workaround: Tap on it another time.
  • My First Activity's thumbnail on the activity switcher doesn't match the actual wallpaper used on such pre-filled activity.
  • The virtual keyboard is not hidden after tapping on an area outside the overlay. (bug #288828.)
  • Cannot go back if you tap on a link in the About app. Workaround: you have to close it (bug #288082.)

MeeGo Multimedia

  • Audio is muted by default. Tap on the speaker icon—on the left side of the top bar—to adjust volume.
  • Missing support for AVI, MPEG, DIVX, MOV and MP3. Bangarang will crash by trying to play those formats.

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