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Plasma Active 1.0 Release Notes (version: 2011-10-09)
KDE Frameworks version: 4.7.2

Information on building, installing Plasma Active and getting images can be found at http://community.kde.org/Plasma/Active
Note1: We recommend making the installation with your device connected to the power supply.
Note:2 We strongly encourage you to change the default password by opening Konsole and using the passwd utility.

MeeGo Plasma Active Image

  • Image name: meego-plasma-active-one-usb-live.iso
  • Sha1 Checksum: b7bc6f4c2dffe73c2d0b5a1b45ba9debbef509f8
  • Md5 Checksum: 99546a9685749c85b04d022a1e6756c4

Default Login Data

  • User: root; Password: meego
  • User: meego; Password: meego

You may change the default password by opening Konsole and using the passwd utility (we advise you to do so!).


Please note, only the MeeGo image ships the Peregrine communication app.

Known Issues / Errata

MeeGo System

  • Resources may take ~3 min to load after booting up the device. We recommend suspending rather than powering down.
  • Some resources may come pre-loaded on "My First Activity". They can be deleted safely.
  • Resouces added on any activity may be added to "my first activity" as well. They can be deleted safely.
  • Date and time settings: adjusting date and time requires root privileges. The default root password is "meego".
  • Double tapping on some text fields may be required to get the virtual keyboard.

MeeGo Multimedia

  • Audio is muted by default. Tap on the speaker icon—on the left side of the top bar—to adjust volume.
  • The Bangarang multimedia player plays only sound not images, after touching pause and then play (Bug 283091). Workaround: close Bangarang and open it again.
  • Missing support for AVI, MPEG, DIVX, MOV and MP3. Bangarang will crash by trying to play those formats.

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