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== Open-slx Balsam Plasma Active Image ==
== Open-slx Balsam Plasma Active Image ==
*Image name: [http://download.open-slx.com/iso/11.4/plasma-active-one.iso plasma-active-one.iso]
*Image Name: [http://download.open-slx.com/iso/11.4/plasma-active-one.iso plasma-active-one.iso]
*Md5 Checksum: [http://download.open-slx.com/iso/11.4/md5sums.txt md5sums.txt]
*Md5 Checksum: [http://download.open-slx.com/iso/11.4/md5sums.txt md5sums.txt]
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== MeeGo Plasma Active Image ==
== MeeGo Plasma Active Image ==
*Image name: [http://share.basyskom.com/contour/Deployment/MeeGo_x86_USB_Live_and_Install_Archive/meego-plasma-active-one-usb-live.iso meego-plasma-active-one-usb-live.iso]
*Image Name: [http://share.basyskom.com/contour/Deployment/MeeGo_x86_USB_Live_and_Install_Archive/meego-plasma-active-one-usb-live.iso meego-plasma-active-one-usb-live.iso]
*Sha1 Checksum: '''b7bc6f4c2dffe73c2d0b5a1b45ba9debbef509f8'''
*Sha1 Checksum: '''b7bc6f4c2dffe73c2d0b5a1b45ba9debbef509f8'''
*Md5 Checksum: '''99546a9685749c85b04d022a1e6756c4'''
*Md5 Checksum: '''99546a9685749c85b04d022a1e6756c4'''

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Plasma Active 1.0 Release Notes (version: 2011-10-09)
KDE Frameworks version: 4.7.2

Information on building, installing Plasma Active and getting images can be found at http://community.kde.org/Plasma/Active
Our bug tracker is located at https://bugs.kde.org/ Product: Active.

Note1: We recommend making the installation with your device connected to the power supply.
Note:2 We strongly encourage you to change the default password by opening Konsole and using the passwd utility.
Note:3 There is no audio in the welcome video. This is intentional.

Open-slx Balsam Plasma Active Image

Default Login Data

  • User: root; Password: empty
  • User: linux; Password: empty

MeeGo Plasma Active Image

Default Login Data

  • User: root; Password: meego
  • User: meego; Password: meego


Please note, only the MeeGo image ships the Peregrine Communicator app.

Image Related Open Build Service Projects

Known Issues / Errata

MeeGo System

  • Resources may take ~3 min to load after booting up the device. We recommend suspending rather than powering down.
  • Some resources may come pre-loaded on "My First Activity". They can be deleted safely.
  • Resouces added on any activity may be added to "my first activity" as well. They can be deleted safely.
  • Date and time settings: adjusting date and time requires root privileges. The default root password is "meego".
  • Double tapping on some text fields may be required to get the virtual keyboard.

MeeGo Multimedia

  • Audio is muted by default. Tap on the speaker icon—on the left side of the top bar—to adjust volume.
  • The Bangarang multimedia player plays only sound not images, after touching pause and then play (Bug 283091). Workaround: close Bangarang and open it again.
  • Missing support for AVI, MPEG, DIVX, MOV and MP3. Bangarang will crash by trying to play those formats.

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