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The Plasma Active team provides official Images based on Mer for some devices.
The Plasma Active team provides official Images based on Mer for some devices.
* [https://share.basyskom.com/plasma-active/deployment/wetab-exopc/tablet/mer/stable/basyskom-plasma-active-four-wetab-exopc-tablet-mer-release.iso Download ISO]
* [https://share.basyskom.com/plasma-active/deployment/wetab-exopc/tablet/mer/stable/basyskom-plasma-active-four-wetab-exopc-tablet-mer-release-iso.sha1 Checksum]
* [https://share.basyskom.com/plasma-active/deployment/wetab-exopc/tablet/mer/stable/ Archive]
== Supported ==
== Supported ==

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Plasma Active Images

The Plasma Active team provides official Images based on Mer for some devices.


WeTab / ExoPC

The hardware is a little outdated but you will get the most polished Plasma Active experience on this device. Take a look at the installation instructions here


Nexus 7

Event though very much already works reasonably well, there are still some glitches. So, please don’t expect a 100% working system. For detailed installation instructions, see the article on the Mer Wiki

Archos G9

Take a look at Ruedigers Blog for more information.

Nokia N950

Take a look at this OSnews article for more information.


When running Plasma Active in a virtual machine, consider that performance will not be as good as when it runs naively on the devices it has been designed for. For testing, we strongly recommend running Plasma Active on a device. The following limitations need consideration when using a virtual machine instead of a real device:

  • Performance, especially graphics, boot and application startup might be reduced
  • Advanced visual effects might not be available or work correctly in the virtual machine. This can lead to degradation of certain features, performance, visual effects and possibly stability
  • User interfaces designed for touch-screens often work less efficiently for mouse and keyboard based input methods, or feel less natural.

For detailed installation instructions, see this installation manual.

Downstream Plasma Active

Some distributions provide Images with Plasma Active for x86 Systems.

Kubuntu Active

Current stable release of a Kubuntu remix with Plasma Active is available at


Daily unstable images of a Kubuntu Active are at


You can burn image to CD (e.g. with k3b) or USB (e.g. with usb-creator-kde)


It includes an installer ubiquity.


PlasmaActive has been packaged for opensuse in the KDE:Active OBS Repository. Mind that it is ALPHA Quality. The apps that come with a Mer-based image might not be available and there may be bugs. Feel free to report (and fix) them or improve the packaging process. Help will be welcome!

It can be installed as follows:

zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Active/openSUSE_12.3 PA

zypper ref && zypper install plasma-mobile declarative-plasmoids bodega-client

If the onscreen keyboard is wanted, additionally install maliit-framework maliit-inputcontext-qt4 plasma-active-maliit

Only i586 has been tested. To run PA4 the preferred method is to create a .xinitrc file in the home directory and add a line saying 'startactive'. Then a call to 'startx' will bring it up.

There currently is an issue with plasma-desktop beeing started automatically so the file '/usr/share/autostart/plasma-desktop.desktop' needs to be (re)moved before running PlasmaActive.

There is also a LiveCD available at http://susestudio.com/a/GzMWEV/activesuse

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