FAQ for Plasma Active / Contour Novice Users

Setting up Activities

How do I create a new activity?

  1. Pull the activity wheel out from the right
  2. Tap on the + Icon above the wheel to open the "Create Activity dialog"
  3. Enter a name for the activity
  4. Choose a wallpaper
  5. Tap "Create activity"

How do I delete an activity?

  1. Pull out the activity wheel
  2. Scroll to the activity you want to delete (you cannot delete the currently active activity)
  3. Tap the trash can icon on the activity's thumbnail

How do I edit an actvity (name and background)?

Tap the wrench icon on the top-left corner of the home screen.

How do I add resources to an activity?

There are two different methods for connecting a resource to an activity.

  1. Via #Share/Like/Connect
  2. Via the "Add resource" dialog

To add a resource to the current activity via the "Add resource" dialog, do the following:

  1. Tap the + Icon to the upper-left of the home screen
  2. Choose a resource category or start typing the name of the resource
  3. Select the desired resource(s) and tap "Add items"

I've just copied/downloaded a new file to my home folder, but it doesn't show up in the add resource dialog. Where is it?

The Add Resource dialog is based on Nepomuk, so it only shows resources that are already present in Nepomuk's database. If your file does not show up in the dialog, wait a few minutes until it has been indexed.

How do I remove a resource from an activity?

  1. Tap and hold the resource icon on the home screen until a context menu pops up
  2. Tap "Activies"
  3. Tap "Current activity".

Remember: This does not delete the file but only disconnect it from the activity.


Starting and using applications

How do I start an application?

There are two ways to start an application:

  1. From an activity
  2. From the launch

To start an application from an activity, you have to first Add it to the activity. After that, you can start it by tapping it on the home screen

To start an application from the launch

  1. Pull the peak all the way down
  2. Tap the application (you can also use the filter box to filter the available apps)

How do I use Kontact Touch?

You can find a manual on KDE UserBase

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