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Plasma Active's Grand Master Plan

On this page, you learn about concepts behind Plasma Active.


Plasma Active aims at creating a cross-device user experience for emerging devices such as tablet computers, media centers, smartphones, and more. Plasma Active's mission statement is

Create a desirable user experience encompassing a spectrum of devices

Plasma Active runs on the proven Linux desktop stack, including the Linux kernel, Qt and KDE's Plasma Framework. The user interface is designed using Plasma Quick, a declarative markup language allowing for organic user interface design based on Qt Quick. Plasma Active uses existing Free desktop technology and brings it to a spectrum of devices through a device-specific user interface. Classical Plasma Widgets can be used on Plasma Active as well as newly created ones. The key driver for the development of Plasma Active is the user experience. Collaboration is made easy through high-level development tools and a well defined process.

The first release of Plasma Active fully focuses on tablet computers. Plasma Active Tablet's user experience is designed around the web, social networks and multimedia content.

Project Vision

The vision behind Plasma Active is "Create a desirable user experience, encompassing a spectrum of devices."

Or, more specifically: Create a user experience that...

  • offers access to the web, social networks, multimedia and other applications
  • deeply integrates concepts of sharing, connecting and uploading various artifacts of the user's digital environment
  • is easy to expand and inviting to participate in
  • provides a great user experience by offering information and interaction
  • replaces a centralized app-store model with a peer-to-peer-based web of trust of creators and consumers


Plasma Active is interesting for the following audiences:

  • Free software contributors: Improve the Active device user experiences, default applications and other areas around the Plasma Active as part of the Plasma Active team
  • App developers: Use QML and JavaScript to create your own Active Apps to the world
  • Hardware makers: Integrate Active and its Apps as user experience into your product and bring something unique to the market
  • End users: Find out more about Plasma Active user experience, install it on your tablet or other device, find out how you can get more out of your gadget


Plasma Active is releasing its first version on 091011, that means on the 09th of oktober, with a beautiful set of interesting features. Find out more at www.plasma-active.org

There are more releases planned, definitly Release Two before christmas 2011.

Contour as the UX of Plasma Active

The Contour project is part of Plasma Active and will contribute a new UX using adaptive activities. Read more about our vision at Plasma/Active/Contour

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