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Plasma Active's Grand Master Plan

On this page, you learn about concepts behind Plasma Active.


Plasma Active is a workspace ("User Experience") specially designed for Active computers. The user experience is designed around social networks, the web and multimedia content.

Plasma Active runs on the proven Linux desktop stack, including the Linux, Qt and KDE's Plasma Framework. The user interface is designed using Plasma Quick, a declarative markup language allowing for organic user interface design based on Qt Quick's QML. Plasma Active uses existing and proven Free desktop technology and brings it to emerging devices through a touch-friendly user interface. Existing Plasma Widgets can be used on Plasma Active as well as newly developed ones.

In Plasma Active, the user experience is the key driver for its development. Development, customization and extension is made easy by high-level development tools and friendly and easy collaboration.

Project Vision

The vision behind Plasma Active is Create a desirable product for end-users, suitable for a wide spectrum of emerging devices, based on principles and processes of Free software development."

Or, more specifically: Create a user experience that

  • offers access to the web, social networks, multimedia and other applications
  • deeply integrates concepts of sharing, connecting and uploading various artifacts of the user's digital environment
  • is easy to expand and inviting to participate
  • provides a great user experience by offering information and interaction
  • replaces a centralized app-store model with a peer-to-peer-based web of trust of creators and consumers


Plasma Active is in full development right now. The basic workspace shell is working. Essential parts of the user experience are either missing or still being worked on. Hardware options are being researched, and the user experience is being polished. Plasma Active is not suitable for end-users at this point, but a fine testing and evaluation and development base. In other words: It's the perfect time to get involved and help shaping Plasma Active.

The Plasma/Active/Tasks section included with some items gives pointers where you can help to make Plasma Active rock.

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