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Key Features

Target features for Plasma Active include the Web, Social Networks and multimedia consumption and light creation.



Target features:

  • suitable for touchscreen,
  • touch-friendly and sexy bookmarks
  • password storage (future: couple with a switchable user profile)
  • zooming via (multitouch) gestures
  • possibly Qt webbrowser example can serve as base


  • evaluate qtwebbrowser example (in plasma-mobile/applets/webbrowser)
  • integrate (see keyfeatures)

Native UI for the Web

For many webservices, locally installed or ready-to-download Plasma widgets can be used to display, interconnect and remix the information. Such widgets include:

  • News feeds (covered by News applet in kdeplasma-addons, rssnews, others)

Social Networks

Social Networks conveniently include personal information topics such as contacts management, email and chat. The basic idea is to collate information from different channels and abstract away the appearance of individual services into the UI, creating a more powerful application that uses and remixes data from different sources. Technologies such as Akonadi and Plasma's DataEngines allow for normalized retrieval and caching of data. Plasma and QML are used to display and interact with the data on the device.


  • integrates Facebook support via Thomas McGuire's Akonad Facebook resource (blog entry), krop has packaged the facebook resource for oS 11.4, we need a Plasma / QML widget on top of that, configuration needs to be simple)


  • Watching locally stored video
  • Watching video from the Web, eg. Youtube
  • Listening to local music or online services


  • Evaluate Bangarang for touchscreen
  • Tomahawk as media provider?
  • Amarok Mobile is not being developed, likely a no-go

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