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If you would like to support and become part of the Plasma Active team, you can use the following list of open tasks as inspiration. Please pick one of these tasks, for questions, you can always get in touch with us.

Packaging & Deployment


Meego Packaging


Polish & Testing Needed

Priority 1

Add Widgets

Activity screen

Default Configuration

  • KWallet configuation -> passwordless and no questions for access

Network Management Plasmoid (openSuse)

  • Check size hint of networking Plasmoid so that it doesn't shrink so small

On Screen Keyboard

  • Add arrow keys to the tablet layout


Priority 2

Add Widgets

  • Close keyboard if opened due to focussing in on filter bar

Contour Pages

  • Custom titles for widgets, and a way for applets to set custom titles


  • Put application icons after status icons

Default Configuration



  • hardcoded positions of containments (panel containment)
  • hardcoded positions of slc and clock (systray)


Javascript Setup

  • Ability to load initial widgets positions with a Javascript (ala Plasma Desktop Scripting)

On Screen Keyboard

  • KWin virtual keyboard awareness (always keep on everything else, e.g.)
  • Copy/paste of text?
  • Add arrow keys to the tablet layout
  • Characters for more locales (e.g. German, French, etc)
  • Gtk+ IM plugin to trigger it
  • Multi-byte input
  • Rewrite in QML
  • Ensure that line edit does not get obscured by keyboard (mitigated now by being able to manually move it)


  • Show most used / favorites as first line on first page

MeeGo Support

  • Connman backend for network management stack needed (either kded module or Plasma::DataEngine): quick and dirty applet now in place, will have to be replaced in PA2



  • Better artwork: connect icon is very odd
  • Not matter what is touched, Connect is always shown: probable touch screen bug: the touch event arrives always in the same coordinates unless a connected usb mouse is moved-> actually old qgraphicsview bug: occurs also in the desktop taskbar group menus, partially fixed
  • Bigger target invoking popup, and implement dragable
  • Show title of URI to be operated on in the context menu

Window Management

  • OpenGL ES on MeeGO

Application workflow

  • Not obvious where apps are
  • Visual feedback between time when activity is selected and when the activity appears (so we know something is actually happening)

Window Strip

  • Window sorting
    • find solution to get at methods Martin added to kdelibs/*/kworkspace MRU
    • Put new windows after the current window
  • Show windows from current activity only
  • Sticky windows and moving windows across activities (SLC?)

Active Browser

  • search in page
  • save-as menus (e.g. for images)
  • "back" repositions page to last viewed position
  • plugin support -> 100% depends from qtwebkit i.e. flash tries to work, but doesn't really ;)
  • display ssl status
  • accepting non-verifiable SSL certs
  • connect downloaded files to the activity (nepomuk bug)

Image viewer

  • nicer ui
  • possibility to browse sd cards/download/upload images
  • search ui
  • albums?


  • Create multimedia activity
  • Good touch volume applet
  • Mediaplayer (minitube? bangarang? tomahawk? Plasma Mediacenter components?)
  • Webcam (kamoso?)

Social Networks

  • touch-friendly configuration for PIM (email, contacts, events.)
  • touch-friendly setup of Facebook via Akonadi
  • touch-friendly setup of Google via Akonadi
  • Akonadi model for QML plasmoids
  • Plasma QML widgets for
    • Contacts
    • Messages
    • Events


  • Dynamic switching of Plasma workspace types, eg from the display manager, or due to hardware events such as docking?


  • Touch friendly login screen for eg touchscreen all-in-one PCs to use (low priority; we have auto-login)


  • Make Plasmate release-ready
    • Improve editor for QML
    • Implement scripting console
    • Fix sizing problems in previewer


  • Improve Plasma theme
  • Make Contour logo play well with Active logo
  • Sounds are jarring for a tablet; new sound theme needed


  • Improve QML Plasma docs
  • Improve installation docs
  • Create user docs (pending UI freeze)

Support and Testing

  • Help others with getting Plasma Active runnning on #active and the mailing list
  • Test Plasma Active on more hardware, find solutions for problems encountered, document them

Goals and Larger Ideas for PA2

  • Geolocation
    • Document and complete API
    • Use geolocation in more widgets
    • Cache geolocation
  • libplasma2 & QSceneGraph port
  • test GLES backend for kwin
  • DBusmenu implementation in QML
  • KToolBar replacement in QML (using a KActionCollection)
  • KXmlGui actions access in QML
  • KConfig integration with ownCloud
  • Finish porting all KDE applications to the mobile profile (mostly removing deprecated calls)

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