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== Deploying a MeeGo Plasma Countour ISO Image to a Flashdrive ==
After you have downloaded the ISO image its a good idea to validate the image against transmission errors.
An SHA1 checksum file should be available for every image. You can do this by comparing the hash on equality between image and related checksum file via following command:
[email protected]# '''sha1sum ''<image file>'''''
In case of an divergent output please download the image one more time and check again.
After that feel free to deploy the image to an USB flashdrive. By the following example we use the
tool 'dd' for this:
[email protected]# '''dd if=''<image file>'' of=/dev/''<USB flashdrive>'' bs=1M'''
'''Please note, the usage of this tool is potential dangerous! In case of an mistaken output device, all data on it will be unrecoverable lost'''.
== Booting the Live Image on a WeTab ==
- Plug the flashdrive to the WeTab.
- Get the WeTab running.
- Press the Power (top left underside) + softtouch (top left upperside) button till reboot.
- Choose on boot menu via softtouch button the installation or live mode of the image.
(short tab on softtouch to change entry, long tab to choose).

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