A new and innovative usage paradigm for digital devices


Contour will contribute a new usage paradigm using adaptive activities and intelligent recommendations. The aim is to create a context-sensitive user interface that adapts to current context, current activities and behavioral patterns of the user. The overall goal is to create a data-centric user interface which is not concerned with applications but rather offers intelligently combined data through a context-sensitive recommendation manager.

Contour is part of Plasma Active, the new user experience for all kind of devices like Tablets, Smartphones, in-car or Set Top Boxes. Plasma Active uses existing free desktop technology and brings it to a spectrum of devices through a desirable and innovative user interface. Contour and Plasma Active are currently at a conceptual stage. We have a proof-of-concept working on certain hardware, with a basic working shell, but an incomplete set of key applications. We welcome people to take part in this endeavor to make Contour and Plasma Active rock.

Vision, Concept and first UI Shots
Screenshots and Videos
Screenshots of UI, Videos and first Prototypes
Architecture, Technologies used within Contour
Source Code, git and dependencies
Beginners guide, get latest version
Contribute to Contour, there are interesting tasks waiting for you
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Contour development is supported by basysKom GmbH. basysKom wants to share our ideas, sources and development with the KDE community and develop it as an integral part of KDE. Read more information about the Contour project at our webpage

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