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Plasma Active

Plasma Active is a device-independant user experience for emerging devices such as tablet computers. Plasma Active is a holistic approach to deliv

workspace ("User Experience") specially designed for a range of devices. The first release of Plasma Active fully focuses on tablet computers.

Plasma Active runs on the proven Linux desktop stack, including the Linux kernel, Qt and KDE's Plasma Framework. The user interface is designed using Plasma Quick Quick, a declarative markup language allowing for organic user interface design basedon Qt Quick. Plasma Active uses existing Free desktop technology and brings it to a spectrum of devices through a device-specific user interface. Classical Plasma Widgets can be used on Plasma Active as well as newly created ones. The key driver for the development of Plasma Active is the user experience. Collaboration is made easy through high-level development tools and a well defined process.

The first release of Plasma Active fully focuses on tablet computers. Plasma Active Tablet's user experience is designed around the web, social networks and multimedia content.

The following pages provide answers to conceptual and practical or organizational questions you might have:

Grand Master Plan
Conceptual overview, high-level docs, other fuzzy logic
Building and contributing to plasma tablet, development workflow and release management
Instructions to get goin' (with testing)
Hardware tested, setup instructions
Key Features
Planned feature set and use cases
Classification of applications running on Plasma Active
Help shape Plasma Active!
Contact details and more pointers

Plasma Active is currently at a conceptual stage. We have a proof-of-concept working on certain hardware, with a basic working shell, but an incomplete set of key applications. We welcome people to take part in this endeavor to make Plasma Active rock.


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