Plasma/5.9 Errata

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Known issues in the Plasma 5.9 release.

Freezes Using Qt 5.6.0

When using Qt 5.6.0 Plasma loads itself incompletely and with long delays. Deadlocks occur in kded5. Use Qt 5.6.1 or Qt 5.7.1 instead.

Plasma Discover With Qt 5.7.1

Discover 375083 crashes with Qt 5.7, use Qt 5.7.1 instead.

Intel GPUs

We recommend the Xorg modesetting DDX for use with Intel hardware. This is the default in many distributions nowadays. Using the Intel Xorg DDX can result in various graphical glitches and freezes.


  • Not functional with Qt 5.8.0 (see Qt Bug 58423)
  • Integration features in Plasma still missing or incomplete (e.g. Pager applet)
  • No Drag and Drop from X11 to Wayland windows and vice versa
  • Support for per-screen DPI is missing
  • Multiple issues with Qt 5.8.0 (weird plasma behavior, missing window decorations) Qt Bug 58423
  • No support for primary selection (middle-click to paste)
  • No support for tablet devices (e.g. wacom tablets)
  • No clipboard history (e.g. klipper and clipboard plasmoid)
  • XWayland older than 1.19 lacks features or has bugs, we recommend XWayland 1.19
  • No focus stealing prevention for Wayland windows
  • No window rules support for Wayland windows
  • (Multi-)Screen configuration only partially implemented
  • QtWebEngine crashes when used on Wayland Qt Bug 55384
  • QtWayland: No support for animated mouse cursors Qt Bug 48181
  • QtWayland: Dropdown windows closes on key presses Qt Bug 55403
  • QtWayland: Missing compose key support Qt Bug 54792
  • QtWayland: Key repeat settings ignored Qt Bug 55615
  • QtWayland: Sub-menus may be placed incorrectly Qt Bug 50458
  • GTK: windows don't have a minimize and maximize button
  • GTK: windows are incorrectly placed
  • GTK: latest version requires newer xdg-shell version which is not yet supported

Missing features

  • KWin does not provide window tabs
  • Tooltips on window decoration buttons

Configuration changes

Environment variables and shutdown scripts are now sourced from ~/.config/plasma-workspace/env and ~/.config/plasma-workspace/shutdown, respectively. Existing scripts from Plasma 4 should be moved there.

Plasma Workspace ksmserver hangs on broken autostart files

  • In 5.9.5 release Plasma Workspace's ksmserver hangs when attempting to load a broken autostart file Bug 379254. Use the updated tar.