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Known issues in the Plasma 5.2 release.


Missing features

  • KWin does not provide window tabs
  • Tooltips on window decoration buttons
  • Oxygen window decoration
  • Global shortcuts do not work to control activity switching, you can use Meta+Q to toggle activity manager but activity cycle shortcuts Meta+Tab do not work yet. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=342186
  • Aurorae window decoration themes do not support changing button size

Configuration changes


Performance of Plasma 5 is heavily dependent on specific hardware and software configurations and usage patterns. While it has great potential, it takes time to wrangle this out of it and the underlying stack is not entirely ready for this either. In some scenarios, Plasma 5 will display the buttery smooth performance it is capable of - while at other times, it will be hampered by various shortcomings. These can and will be addressed, however, much is dependent on components like Qt, Mesa and hardware drivers lower in the stack. Future releases are expected to bring significant performance improvements thanks to fixes at all levels.

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