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Plasma/5.0 Errata

Known issues in the Plasma 5.0 release.


Missing features

  • No holidays or calendar events displayed in the Plasma calendar - Awaiting KDE PIM libraries to port to KF5/Plasma5.
  • Unable to edit individual locale settings - Can change locale used for setting groups such as currency or date/time, but cannot yet modify individual settings like short date format - Awaiting support upstream in Qt.
  • Support for autostarting scripts (like ones setting ssh-agent and so on) in the user's home directory (~/.config/autostart) is missing. Support for applications using .desktop files is still working, however. A possible workaround involves creating .desktop files which launch the interested programs. Discussion is ongoing on how to handle this missing feature.

Configuration changes

  • Environment variables and shutdown scripts are now sourced from ~/.config/plasma-workspace/env and ~/.config/plasma-workspace/shutdown, respectively. Existing scripts should be moved there. The relevant System Settings control panel has been adjusted for thsi change.

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