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This is currently a brainstorming page, feel free to add things to it that may not end up staying. Discussion is happening on the plasma-devel at kde.org mailing list.


  • QML++


  • Activities advancements
    • Panels associated with activities
    • Add an activities button to the default panel arrangement
    • Drag taskbar entries on activity manager icons to assign?
  • System tray and tasks widget integration


Use activities, use it as "guinea pig" for qml plasmoids, device profiles for Package etc


the shell itself for tablet makes more sense to be the mobile one.. merge mobile and netbook shells?


  • Containment for "lesson plans"
  • Network (web?) service that pushes lesson plans
  • Monitor app

KDE Applications

  • Activity awareness



  • Redesign of desktop activity contents
    • new containment? maybe grid desktop?
    • Integrated search?
    • merge krunner, desktop toolbox, activity manager...
    • always show that window in the present windows effect
  • Switch from kickoff to ?


Classroom profiles for netbook/tablet/mobile

KDE applications

Identifying common places where applications could use qml/plasma widgets in their main ui. example: dock widgets?

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