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(Plasma 5)
(Plasma 5)
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;[[Plasma/shellPackage|Package for shell definition]]
;[[Plasma/shellPackage|Package for shell definition]]
;[[Plasma/lookAndFeelPackage|Package for shell look and feel]]
;[[Plasma/lookAndFeelPackage|Package for shell look and feel]]
;[[How to create Look and Feel Package ]]
;[https://userbase.kde.org/Plasma/Create_a_Look_and_Feel_Package How to create Look and Feel Package ]
;[[Plasma/DesktopScripting|Plasma Shell Scripting]]
;[[Plasma/DesktopScripting|Plasma Shell Scripting]]
;[[Plasma/StepBack|Step Back]]
;[[Plasma/StepBack|Step Back]]

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Topics which come up again and again (RepeatedDiscussions)
Vocabulary (extra information in Terminology, pages should be merged in)
Tutorials and examples
Plasma Desktop Scripting
Guidelines for Plasma widgets creation
Plasma Architecture Overview
QML Style guide
Plasmoid and other Plasma plugin packaging
Defensive publication of innovations and implementations
Share Like Connect
Building and running Plasma 5
Convergence Overview

Developer Coordination

Integration Branch Tracking

General Policy

Interface Standards and Research

Plasma User Research Profile
The ways of the Plasma
Recommended Reading on interaction design
QML Coding Style Guidelines




Plasma 5 Release Schedule
Plasma Bug Days
Organizing the contents of plasma-mobile repo
Education Set Proposals
Plasma Mobile
Plasma Media Center
Multiscreen and PDV
Plotting the plans for world domination via compositing

Plasma 5

Porting your Plasma QML code to Plasma 5
Documenting API changes in libplasma2 for porting things from libplasma1
Planning for libplasma2, documenting issues with libplasma1
Api review of libplasma2 classes, method by method
Screenlocker planning
Platform state and kded module
Package for shell definition
Package for shell look and feel
How to create Look and Feel Package
Plasma Shell Scripting
Step Back
5.5 Errata
Distro Packages
Live Images
Docker Images


Coordination for work on Plasma QtComponents
Plasmoid Javascript Roadmap and TODO
Documentation Coordination on Userbase
Open Tasks List
Bindings TODOs
Plasma UX improvement project (Norwegian School of Information Technology)


The new system tray protocol
4.5 Polish
Kiosk Settings for 4.4
Plasma::Service <-> Jolie Integration
Plasma (plasma-desktop) D-Bus interface planning
Development roadmap for 4.7 and 4.8
Coinstallability with Plasma 1
Plasma 5 Status & Todo

Individual Plasmoid Planning


Summaries and logs of scheduled plasma meetings can be found on the following pages:

Affenfels Sprint
Akademy 2014
Workspace Sprint 2012
Nov 25, 2010, irc meeting to discuss the move to git
Sept 12, 2010, irc meeting for 4.6 coordination
July 15, 2010, irc meeting for 4.6 coordination
Akademy 2010
Akademy 2008
June 27, 2009, irc meeting for 4.4 coordination
February 9, 2008
February 21, 2007
March 6 2010, irc meeting for 4.5 coordination

Pages of Historical Interest

The ZUI. (Zooming User Interface)

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