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Bug Fixes

  • Code style improvements.
  • VLC 2.2 compatibility - VLC 2.2 changed the time when PulseAudio streams are constructed, rendering the Phonon PulseSupport non-functional as it injects stream-dependent properties through the environment which needs to happen close to stream creation to avoid timing issues. The changed stream creation time makes it impossible to provide high-level PulseAudio control while also allowing Phonon applications to construct multiple AudioOutputs in a very short time frame. To allow core functionality from working under these circumstances Phonon PulseSupport integration is disabled when built against VLC >= 2.2 leading to the following known regressions:
    • Changing the volume through the PulseAudio stream itself is not propagated to Phonon AudioOutputs, meaning the application can not reflect volume changes done through other applications (e.g. a volume mixer).
    • Changing the muteness through the PulseAudio stream is not propagated either.
    • The PulseAudio media.role property (as well as derived properties) is always set to 'video' making all Phonon application use the video category for output device selection (e.g. as seen in the Phonon KCM).
  • Revised the logic used to come up with an icon name for libvlc. If the application has QApplication::windowIcon set with an QIcon constructed through QIcon::fromTheme(string) the actual icon name will be used. Otherwise the lower-case version of QCoreApplication::applicationName is used.
  • Setting the libvlc app id is now only dependent on QCoreApplication::applicationName being set (previously it was also dependent on QCoreApplication::applicationVersion). This change was made to accomodate the fact that most applications neglect to set a version.

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