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=== Changes ===
* VLC 2.0 support was removed, VLC 2.1 is at least required to use the backend
* CMake requirement aligned with libphonon (2.6.2 => 2.8.9)
* Muting is now implemented asynchronously
=== Bug Fixes ===
* Restore build support with Qt <= 5.2 in the Qt 5 build.
* Fixed building videowidget for OSX.
* Fixed schemeless URLs [#341585]
=== VLC 2.2 API Pickup ===
* New device listing API used for listing devices without PulseAudio enabled
* New internal signals for muting, corking, and volume changes (these directly relate to new AudioOutputInterface49 API in libphonon providing these new libvlc features with appropriate frontend control in libphonon)
* This partially improves PulseAudio integration as at least volume and mute control is now working correctly again via libvlc natively.
=== PulseAudio Limitations ===
* PulseAudio support is still not fully backed via libvlc and cannot be correctly intercepted by libphonon. As a result the following features continue to not work correctly:
** runtime-device-rerouting: changing the device order in the Phonon configuration at runtime cannot force libvlc to use the correct device, if a device was manually set before it will not automatically migrate to a new device
** runtime-device-selection: selecting a device at runtime is not possible (see above), as a result applications wanting to do this will get no result and a warning will be shown. This also means that the configuration module's Test button does not actually play a sound for anything but the primary device.
** stream-category: setting a stream category (pulesaudio role) is not possible, all streams are always category Video

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