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  • phonon4qt5-backend-gstreamer is a feature equivalent GStreamer powered backend built against Qt 5 rather than Qt 4. Phonon4Qt5 GStreamer is built from the same source; requires the cmake option PHONON_BUILD_PHONON4QT5, libphonon4qt5 and a separate build directory from Qt 4.
  • Backing for the new MediaController subtitle API.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved non-reentrant PulseAudio envrionment setup [#321288].
  • Disc playback (AudioCD/DVD/...) is now working correctly with more than one physical device.
  • Prevent reading from deleted StreamReaders [#307469].
  • Removed performance penalty caused by debug code even when debug was disabled.
  • Installed icons now have the correct pixel size.
  • VolumeFaderEffect can now internally abort fades when necessary [#313551].
  • Removed various minor memory leaks.
  • The logic behind the aboutToFinish signal has been revised. The signal will now only produce gapless transitions if GStreamer issued a callback more than 500 msec before the end of the current source. This prevents dead locks with short sources (e.g. notifications) but also prevents the queue mechanic from working when using short sources or sources of which the totalTime can not be identified (e.g. streams). It is advised that all applications make sure they handle the finished signal in addition to aboutToFinish to ensure that playback does not stop without user instruction.

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