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  • phonon4qt5 is a feature and API equivalent library built against Qt 5 rather than Qt 4. Phonon4Qt5 is built from the same source; requires the cmake option PHONON_BUILD_PHONON4QT5 and a separate build directory from Qt 4.
    • phonon4qt5 supports a backend preference system independent of platform plugins and completely implemented using Qt technology.
  • (( qt5 qmake integreation qt5_phonon.pri (how to use?) .... how to use in qt4?
  • MediaSource(QString) is now deprecated, MediaSource(QUrl) should be used instead.
  • New build option PHONON_ASSERT_STATES to debug incoherent or incorrect state changes from the backend.
  • Documentation cleanup.
  • Normalized internal QObject connections.
  • Experimental qmake support; limited control over feature set and installation path.
  • By default both official Phonon backends try to find a matching subtitle file for videos.

API Additions

  • Additional subtitle API (only partially backed by Phonon VLC - see FeatureMatrix) [#300967].
  • BluRay support in libphonon (only backed by Phonon VLC) [#279822].

Backend Exclusive API Additions

  • New AudioOutputInterface47 allowing backends to get the Phonon Pulseaudio stream mapping ID which can be used together with PulseSupport::streamProperties to prevent [#321288]. Requires PHONON_BACKEND_VERSION_4_7 to be defined as with all new interface versions.

Bug Fixes

  • AudioOutput::setVolume can now be called before entering Phonon::Playing state regardless of whether PulseAudio is in use or not [#321172].
  • Consecutive streams no longer override each other's PulseAudio stream mapping [#321288].

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