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KDE PIM for Mobile Devices

Stuff that needs to be done

A still very incomplete, high-level list of tasks.


Status Task Description Contact
TO DO Slideout Panels Make them as pretty as Nuno wants them to be
TO DO Text Input Focus Key presses end up in text input fields without focus <Artur>
TO DO Action slideout panel for more actions Find a way to organize more than 6 actions in there, Nuno, Björn and Steve have various ideas for that already
TO DO Native file dialogs There are ugly patches in komo/kdelibs which deal with some of them already
IN PROGRESS Progress reporting Indicate that a folder/mail/etc. is currently being loaded

KMail Mobile


Status Task Description Contact
TO DO Draft support Save and restore drafts
TO DO Feedback while processing Disable input, avoid double send clicks, progress feedback, error reporting
TO DO Editor scrolling Eg. by expanding the editor to show the entire content and using a toplevel QML Flickable element

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