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Annual KDE PIM meeting in Osnabrueck 2009.
The new place of this page is http://community.kde.org/KDE_PIM/Meetings/Osnabrueck_7
Date: Jan 09th (friday) to Jan 11th (sunday).
== Location/Travel ==
Location: <b>NEW</b> office of Intevation GmbH (Neuer Graben 17, 49074 Osnabrück, Germany), http://www.intevation.de/travel.en.html
Hotel: http://www.dom-hotel-osnabrueck.de/index_en.php (as usual)
== Agenda ==
Unscheduled topics and corresponding responsible persons (feel free to remove yourself there if you don't like what I assigned to you ;-) ):
* Static code analysis in KDE PIM (Bertjan)
* KDE PIM runtime/apps split (Tom)
* Porting strategy for KABC/KCal based resources and applications (Kevin, Tobias)
** Designing an Akonadi-based replacement for KABC::StdAddressbook
* Needed Akonadi developments for 4.3 (Volker)
** Free/Busy support (Brad)
** Consideration of moving mail output (i.e. kdepim/mailtransport functionality) to Akonadi (Brad)
* Review Akonadi change notification (Stephen, Volker, Kevin, Tobias)
** Adding ItemMoved and CollectionMoved and adding parent collection to {Collection,Item}Removed in a BC way.
* Review Akonadi conflict detection (Stephen, Tobias, Volker)
** detecting backend induced conflicts on the resource side
** how to handle conflicts/GUI presentation
* Re-Redesigned KMime ContentStrategy stuff using KJobs (still to do) (Stephen)
* How to use Akonadi in your application/best practices/api dox review (Stephen)
* Review Akonadi extensions currently developed in playground/pim (Stephen, Volker)
* Discuss the fd.o situation (Cornelius)
* Review the distlist situation (Kevin, Tobias)
<b>Put topics you would like to discuss here</b>
Tentative schedule:
=== Friday ===
All day: arrival
* Forcing Ingo to finally commit his Akonadi work from the last meeting (Volker) ;-)
* Evaluating the Akonadi migration in 4.2 or: the very last chance to stop Akonadi in 4.2 (Kevin, Volker)
19:00 Dinner at "Chows Garten", Große Hamkenstr. 19
=== Saturday ===
08:00 Breakfast
* Presentation of the Akonadi on N810 project (Karim, Cédric, Romain, Audrey, Guillermo)
* KMail porting strategy (Thomas, Till, Ingo, Volker, Stephen)
19:00 Dinner at "Rampendahl", Hasestr. 35, http://www.rampendahl.de
=== Sunday ===
08:00 Breakfast
All afternoon: departure
== Meeting Notes ==
* KResource -> Akonadi migration
** disable the creation of KRes client side bridges, but leave the migration enabled as such.
<b>Please complete by adding your notes!</b>

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