PIM/MS Windows/SQLite Folder Indices/merge

Validation of the SQLite folder indices merge into kdepim trunk (805075), to see whether the mmap mode is affected.

jstaniek 11:38, 8 May 2008 (CEST)


  • "OK" means files or methods inspected in every detail.
  • We do not mention changes that only add/remove kDebug(), etc.


  • compactionjob.cpp - OK
    • void MboxCompactionJob::done( int rc ): the only addition: result of KDE_rename() is checked, return immediately on failure - OK
  • folderstorage.cpp, folderstorage.h - OK
    • QString FolderStorage::indexLocation() const - implemented here to return "*.index" name for mmap mode ("*.index.db" for sqlite mode). Previously it was abstract and implemented in KMFolderIndex. KMFolderSearch reimplements it to return "*.index.search" name - see kmfoldersearch.cpp for details.
    • added virtual QString FolderStorage::location(const QString& suffix) const helper, used in various *location() methods of in KMail, to avoid code duplication; returns full path to .index, .index.ids or .index.sorted file (depending on suffix); the former path (in case of mmap-based implementation) is returned when the suffix is empty.
    • QString FolderStorage::sortedLocation() const - added to avoid constructing paths using indexLocation() + ".sorted" code
    • QString FolderStorage::idsLocation() const - added to avoid constructing paths using indexLocation() + ".ids" code
    • int FolderStorage::rename( const QString &newName, KMFolderDir *newParent ):
      • sortedLocation() is used instead of adding indexLocation()+".sorted" - OK
      • result of KDE_rename( oldIndexLoc, newIndexLoc ) is checked and we return immediately on failure - OK
      • result of KDE_rename( oldSortedLoc, newSortedLoc ) is checked and we return immediately on failure - OK
      • result of KDE_rename( oldIdsLoc, newIdsLoc ) is checked and we return immediately on failure - OK
    • void FolderStorage::remove() - sortedLocation() is used instead of adding indexLocation()+".sorted" - OK
    • void FolderStorage::invalidateFolder():
      • sortedLocation() is used instead of adding indexLocation()+".sorted" - OK
      • idsLocation() is used instead of adding indexLocation()+".ids" - OK
    • int FolderStorage::writeFolderIdsFile() const, int FolderStorage::touchFolderIdsFile(), int FolderStorage::appendToFolderIdsFile( int idx ) all return 0 (success) instead of -1 immediately if mExportsSernums == 0 - OK
  • kmailicalifaceimpl.cpp - OK

void KMailICalIfaceImpl::readConfig() - added sanity check: if ( !mCalendar || !mTasks || !mJournals || !mContacts || !mNotes )


KMFolder* KMailICalIfaceImpl::initFolder( KMail::FolderContentsType contentsType ) - added check for result of open():if ( 0 != folder->open( "ifacefolder" ) ) { ....

  • kmfolder.cpp, kmfolder.h - OK
    • QString KMFolder::indexLocation() const - made virtual but implementation is unaffected.
    • QString KMFolder::sortedLocation() const - calls FolderStorage::idsLocation() if storage is presents, else returns empty string; added as a helper for KMHeaders so we don't need to call mFolder->indexLocation() + ".sorted"; gives effectively the same result - OK
    • QString KMFolder::idsLocation() const - like above but for ".ids" names - OK
  • kmfolderdir.cpp - OK
    • bool KMFolderDir::reload(void): no changes, as .index.db files are only ignored for sqlite mode - OK

  • kmfolderindex.cpp, kmfolderindex.h
  • kmfoldermaildir.cpp
  • kmfoldermbox.cpp
  • kmfoldersearch.cpp - OK
    • QString KMFolderSearch::indexLocation() const now just calls FolderStorage::location( "search" ) utility function what has the same effect
    • int KMFolderSearch::writeIndex( bool ): at the very end final, result of KDE_rename() from temp name to the indexLocation() name is checked; on faulure the method fails, what cause that "mDirty = false; mUnlinked = false;" code is not executed. - OK
  • kmheaders.cpp, kmheaders.h - OK
    • #define KMAIL_SORT_FILE(x) x->indexLocation() + ".sorted" replaced by #define KMAIL_SORT_FILE(x) x->sortedLocation() - uses a new utility FolderStorage::sortedLocation() method having basically the same source code - OK
    • void KMHeaders::setNestedOverride( bool override ) - like above - OK
    • void KMHeaders::setSubjectThreading( bool aSubjThreading ) - like above - OK
    • void KMHeaders::writeFolderConfig (void): minor optimization: mFolder->getMsgBase( current->msgId() ) is called once instead of twice - OK
    • bool KMHeaders::writeSortOrder() - the only addition: result of KDE_rename() is checked, return immediately on failure
    • QList< Q_UINT32 > KMHeaders::selectedSernums() - sanity check added in case when KMMsgBase *msgBase = mFolder->getMsgBase( item->msgId() ); returns null result; this shouldn't happen - OK
    • QList< Q_UINT32 > KMHeaders::selectedVisibleSernums() - like above
  • kmkernel.cpp - OK
    • void KMKernel::slotRunBackgroundTasks(): added sanity checks for null pointers: the_folderMgr, the_imapFolderMgr, the_dimapFolderMgr; this is neutral change
  • kmmsgbase.cpp, kmmsgbase.h - OK
    • added ctor
      • KMMsgBase(KMFolder* aParentFolder, char* data, short len, sqlite_int64 id) for sqlite mode
      • KMMsgBase(KMFolder* aParentFolder, off_t off, short len) for mmap mode
      • In both cases the ctor is effectively the same as KMMsgBase(KMFolder* aParentFolder), but also initializes KMMsgBase members - OK
    • KMMsgBase::~KMMsgBase() - frees mData for sqlite mode - no changes for mmap mode - OK
    • void KMMsgBase::assign(const KMMsgBase* other) - for sqlite makes a deep copy of mData, copies mDbId value; no changes for mmap mode - OK
    • setData(char* data), setDbId(sqlite_int64) and sqlite_int64 dbId() const, and sqlite_int64 mDbId member: added only for sqlite mode, won't affect mmap mode - OK
    • off_t mIndexOffset and bool syncIndexString() const unused (ifdef'd) in sqlite mode - OK
      • syncIndexString(): added check: returns false on fwrite( buffer, len, 1, storage()->mIndexStream) failure - OK
    • QString KMMsgBase::getStringPart(MsgPartType t) const:
      • QString ret is moved up above 'retry:' label, nothing is affected because after ret modified (set to not empty), there is no path of return to the 'retry:' label - OK
      • plain rename from quint16 l to quint16 len no changes - OK
      • g_chunk_offset = 0 moved down to an initializer of the for loop, nothing is affected because g_chunk_offset is not used before the loop
      • the while(g_chunk_offset < mIndexLength) loop is replaced by for ( g_chunk_offset = 0; g_chunk_offset < mIndexLength; g_chunk_offset += len ):
        • g_chunk_offset = 0 precondition is unaffected - OK
        • the test expression g_chunk_offset < mIndexLength is unchanged - OK
        • the count command g_chunk_offset += len originally appeared at the end of while loop, this is equivalent as there are no continue command in the loop - OK
    • off_t KMMsgBase::getLongPart(MsgPartType t) const: changes are is similar to those in QString KMMsgBase::getStringPart(MsgPartType t) const:
      • the while loop is replaced by for - OK
      • quint16 len moved outside of the loop, nothing is affected by this, as the value is set at the beginning of each step of the loop - OK
  • kmmsgdict.cpp - OK
    • QString KMMsgDict::getFolderIdsLocation( const FolderStorage &storage ): the new FolderStorage::idsLocation() is called which provides the same code as the original impl. of KMMsgDict::getFolderIdsLocation(). - OK
  • kmmsginfo.cpp, kmmsginfo.h
    • sqlite mode has different ctor: explicit KMMsgInfo(KMFolder* p, char* data=0, short len=0, sqlite_int64 dbId=0) - mmap mode is unaffected
  • messageproperty.cpp - OK
    • minor optimizations only added, for example 1. instead of 2.:
      1. QMap<quint32, QPointer<KMFolder> >::ConstIterator it = sFolders.constFind( serNum );
        return it == sFolders.constEnd() ? 0 : (*it).operator->(); - OK
      2. if (sFolders.contains(serNum))
          return sFolders[serNum].operator->();
        return 0; - OK
    • Affected methods:
      • KMFolder* MessageProperty::filterFolder( quint32 serNum ) - OK
      • ActionScheduler* MessageProperty::filterHandler( quint32 serNum ) - OK
      • bool MessageProperty::transferInProgress( quint32 serNum ) - OK
      • void MessageProperty::setTransferInProgress( quint32 serNum, bool transfer, bool force ) - OK
      • quint32 MessageProperty::serialCache( const KMMsgBase *msgBase ) - OK

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