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This page covers topics related to the MS Windows port of the KDE PIM suite.

This page is work in progress started by jstaniek.

Problem points

  • It is to be expected, that the maildir implementation in kmail does not work on Windows' file system, since it uses the ":" character in file names. It also relies (as does maildir in general) on the atomicity of making a hardlink and then unlinking the original, to implement an atomic move. The implmentation used by akonadi (kdepim/maildir) relies on QFile in that regard, but it's unclear if rename is atomic on all platforms.
  • integration into Explorer (RMB -> send via email)
  • d'n'd from/to composer and from received mails into the file system
  • c'n'p support


  • The Windows port currently happens in branches/work/kdab-post-4.0 branch (kdepimlibs, kdepim modules), so it is better to check out this and not trunk directories. The branch is merged from time to time with the KDE trunk.


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